Under the Canopy of Confessions

Jaf Premier
2 min readMay 11, 2024

A Q&A Session on Love, Friendship, and Life

Tonight, the air buzzed with excitement and a touch of nervousness as the townspeople assembled under Arlo’s twinkling light, leaves shimmering with an ethereal glow. Among the crowd were two individuals whose hearts were on the verge of uncovering something beautiful — Liam and Esme.

As the Q&A Session commenced, Arlo’s voice, deep and gentle, echoed through the crowd: “Welcome, my dear friends. Tonight, under my branches, seek and you shall find; ask, and you shall be answered.”

A young boy, curious and bright-eyed, approached the center first. “Why do stars shine?” he asked, gazing upwards.

Arlo’s leaves rustled softly, a sound like laughter on the wind. “Stars shine to remind us that even in darkness, there is light, hope, and guidance for those who seek it,” Arlo replied, causing the crowd to murmur in thoughtful agreement.

Next, it was Esme’s turn. Her voice trembled slightly as she stepped forward. “How do you heal a broken heart?” she inquired, her eyes reflecting a past pain.

Arlo swayed gently, considering her question. “Healing comes in many forms, my dear. Time, forgiveness, and new beginnings. But most importantly, through love — both giving and receiving. Do not close your heart, for it is designed to heal stronger than it was before.”

Whispers of awe filtered through the crowd, and Liam felt a pull in his chest as he watched Esme. He had admired her from afar, her strength and kindness always evident. Now, with Arlo’s words illuminating his courage, Liam knew it was his turn.

He walked to the center, heart pounding. “How do you tell someone you love them?”

The canopy seemed to lean in, anticipation in the air. Arlo’s voice was tender. “You tell them with honesty and openness. You tell them by showing kindness and understanding. Love is not just a word, but an action, a promise to be there, to support and cherish.”

A gentle nudge of the wind seemed to push Liam gently towards Esme. Their eyes met, and without another word, they understood. They had found their answer in Arlo’s wisdom and each other.

As the evening waned and the stars shone brightly above, whispers of new beginnings and the soft echo of heartbeats in sync filled the air. The Q&A Session under the Canopy of Confessions had woven its magic once more, leaving love and enlightenment in its wake.


The questions we ask and the answers we seek have the power to change our lives. Under Arlo’s canopy, Liam and Esme discovered not just answers to their questions, but a connection that would bloom into a beautiful love story. In sharing their vulnerabilities, they found strength and a future together.

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